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I live in Manchester, UK, for those of you who want in-person English teaching. I am not expecting you to travel hundreds of miles, unless you particularly want to! I have also lived in several other parts of the UK and Europe down the years.

I have been an English tutor for about 10 years, having been an accountant and shop manager before that. I changed to teaching when the opportunity arose because I very much wanted to do something more enjoyable and rewarding.

I have many interests, including history of all kinds, sport, music, current affairs, the arts and popular science. I can usually find common interests to talk about with my students!

I love teaching, particularly the pleasure of seeing my sudents making great progress and achieving what they set out to do.
I try very hard to my make lessons as enjoyable as possible during all the hard work!

Steve English Tuition Manchester

There are lots of good teachers out there, so what do I offer that’s a bit different, or even unique?

Well, I had a life before I started teaching!
I have previously worked as an accountant and a shop manager, and I think these experiences help me to be a better English teacher in different ways. For example, students of Business English appreciate the fact that I’m familiar with business practices & terminology.

And I can speak several languages
I love language as a general subject and have always enjoyed learning other languages. I can speak a few languages fairly well and also others to a basic level. I believe that this helps me to understand more clearly the problems that students have with English.

I also have a good general knowledge and interest in history, culture, current affairs, etc.
I am usually able to talk to international students about their country’s history and culture, and I read more about it if I’m not! I find that it helps students to feel more comfortable, and they appreciate it when they can talk about their own country with someone who’s interested.

I would like to think that the combination of these things can give me an extra advantage compared to other teachers.
So if you think that 2 or 3 of these qualities would particularly benefit you, get in touch!

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