All of the quotations here are from real people! Most of them are happy to receive an occasional email from potential students, asking (almost!) any questions about me

Steve was my English teacher when I worked for Syngenta in Manchester.  He was a very good teacher who helped me to be successful with my BULATS Business English exam and generally helped me to improve my English in a friendly atmosphere.

Ivan from Serbia

Steve managed to cover the topics with a set of very dynamic and fun classes. Every lesson was prepared with dedication, adjusted to my specific needs and explained with superb quality. He coached me during a year (two times per week) and I cannot recall a tedious or boring class.

Federico from Argentina

When I arrived in UK my spoken English was very bad but Steve helped me very quickly to improve it. His special help to understand the local accent was very welcome!

Mary (Fang) from China

Steve is not only technically a very good teacher. He’s very engaged with the student and creates a pleasant learning environment. He is more because he gives more.

Julia from Germany

When Steve had a lot of arabian students such as I, he learned a bit of arabic language to understand our problems better. I think he still remembers it now! This shows he tries very hard to help his students and he’s very disappointed if they don’t succeed.

Ahmed from Egypt

Steve was my English teacher when I was starting thinking about going to University. He always did excellent preparation for our lessons. There was always a nice, relaxing atmosphere. I have passed the English exam, and I am a second-year student here in Manchester now. I know him as a friendly, patient and good person, and our friendship is still ongoing.

Mateusz from Poland

I needed to pass my GCSE English for a job but I’ve always had some learning difficulties and I found it very hard. Steve helped me with a lot of the difficult grammar and some exam techniques and I couldn’t have done it without him.

Michael from Bolton! (but not Michael Bolton!!)

Steve helped me to pass my IELTS exam when I didn’t have much time and I did not think I could do it. I learned a lot in the lessons but I enjoyed them very much too.

Duong from Vietnam

My colleagues in the office noticed a huge improvement in written and verbal communication. Definitely I have to thank him for this improvement … and for being a good friend of mine until today.

Alan from Brazil

Steve is a great teacher who is also very friendly and helpful. In addition to the lessons he also helped me very much to settle and find things in the local area.

Kofi from Cote D'Ivoire

I wouldn’t have passed my IELTS examination without Steve’s help. It’s a really nice skill to teach lots of difficult things but the student still enjoys the lessons.

Faisal from Saudi Arabia

Steve is really friendly, enthusiastic and knowledgeable.

Marek from Poland